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            Craftsmanship casting, brick example



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                   Bricklayer ceramics is a strong brand of Foshan Taobole Ceramics Co., Ltd., selected natural high-quality white embryo raw materials, carefully selected more than 1,000 materials, 17 building ceramic production lines, equipped with 7800 tons of Italian Sacmi press, high pressure of the bottom embryo Formed, after high temperature firing in a 388-meter wide body kiln, imported functional ink digital glaze, Italian inkjet printing, hard and wear-resistant glaze technology, fully automatic packaging, from origin to store, one-stop logistics special delivery.

            Company advantages

                   Company product structure is rich, has developed series of polishing brick, all smooth glaze series, 9 carat diamond series, ...

            Enterprise development

                   The company has all kinds of high-level technical personnel hundreds, company has all kinds of high-level technical personnel hundreds,...


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